A Brief Outline of the Books of the Bible – Mark

Outline of Bible coverIn Mark we get the Lord’s service (and therefore nothing of His birth), especially His service as prophet. Matthew brings out the order of the facts, with a view to the development of principles, while Mark gives them chronologically. Luke has the same chronology as Mark, where he has any at all.

In Mark, as he reveals Christ’s present service, we have in the parable of the sowing Christ’s activity in the field at the beginning, and the harvest at the end,  All the intermediate particulars given by Matthew are omitted.

In the prophecy on the Mount of Olives we have more references than in Matthew to the disciples’ service. The commission in Mark is to preach the gospel to every creature.

Originally by JND.   Lightly edited by Sosthenes, July 2014  

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  1. I am vijaykumar have a Wife and Three children,with my Mother this is my family. lived in India. full time gospel AP at East Godavari tribal villeges kindly prey for us. I wanted a local church building. 1cor 9:16. Rom 16:16

  2. Dear brother Vajaykumar
    Thank you for your note. I would encourage you to read more of this website, specifically the group of summaries on the ‘Faith once delivered to the Saints’
    You will see that God has given every local assembly all that is needed. There are the poor, and Christians can contribute to this (I do through charities that I have confidence in – bot the big ones) but if a local assembly does not have the funds to support people who are involved full time in the work, it does not need them, or even a building. Even Paul worked as a tentmaker when he was in Corinth. (And I guess he was more well off than you or I!).
    May you be encouraged and may there be results to the glory of God from your work.
    Your brother in Him

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