A Brief Outline of the Books of the Bible – Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy


Leviticus gives us God in the tabernacle, as in the midst of His people, ordering all things that suit their relationship to Him.  The feasts represent Him as in the midst of the people, a circle round Himself.


Numbers treats the journey through the wilderness, with insight into the inheritance (for us heavenly).  It present a full prospect of all God’s ways in bringing them in, and of Christ Himself as the One who is to reign.   Reference is made in this last remark to Pisgah, and to Balaam’s prophecy.


Deuteronomy provides a recapitulation of all God’s ways and dealings with Israel, as motives to insist on obedience, and to put the people on moral grounds in direct relationship with Himself.   The three great feasts (chap. 16) have this character.   The testing character of the law is stated, and at the same time the purpose of God in blessing, spite of failure under the law, is revealed; closing with the prophetic blessing of Israel, in respect to their then present condition.

Lightly edited by Sosthenes, May 2014

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