A Brief Outline of the Books of the Bible – Job

In Job we have the possibility of the relationship of a man with God, in the great conflict referring to good and evil between God and the power of darkness.   That involves the discipline of saints, in contrast with the allegedly present righteous government of the world (typified by Job’s three friends)   The necessity of a Mediator is intimated, but He is not revealed.   The power of Satan over the world is made known, and his character as accuser of the brethren pointed out.  

God is seen as the originator of all (not of the accusations themselves, but of the whole process) for the purpose of blessing His people, while the conscience is thoroughly searched in those He blesses.   This whole book has no dispensational reference.  You get in Elihu the wisdom of God in His word (Christ really), and then you have the power of God (also Christ) in God answering out of the whirlwind.  The book may be regarded as typical of Israel, inasmuch as it is in Israel that these ways of God are shown.

Originally by JND.   Lightly edited by Sosthenes, May 2014

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