‘After These Things’ Chapters 6.3 Bibliography and 6.4 Acknowledgments

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6.3 Bibliography

Here is a selection of a few books by or relevant to J N Darby’s prophetic teaching.


Darby’s Bibles

Darby’s Translations of the Bible from the original languages.

French: First published (New Testament) 1859, complete Bible – 1885.  Oxford University Press.

English:  First published (New Testament) 1867, complete Bible – 1880.  1962 edition Kingston Bible Trust, Bibles etc and elsewhere.  1890 parallel edition (KJV/Darby) Bible Truth Publishers.

German: Elberfelder Übersetzung Darby/Julius Anton von Prosek/Carl Brockhaus  1871 – Verlag Brockhaus.

Translations of the above (mostly New Testament only) into:









Collected Writings


Published by Kingston Bible Trust unless otherwise stated.  There are other published works e.g.  Bible Truth Publishers (BTP), Bible & Gospel Trust (BGT).  Some of the above are out of print, but all are available on-line from

List of volumes – Table of contents on Prophetic Volumes

Volume 2 – Prophetic 1

Lectures on “The Hopes of the Church of God”: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 – Chapters 3.1 to 3.11.
Reflections upon the Prophetic Inquiry and the views advanced in it.
On “Days” signifying “Years” in prophetic language.
On the Extended Scope of Prophecy.
The Dispensation of the Kingdom of Heaven.
The Melchisedec Priesthood of Christ.
A letter addressed to -, Parsonstown.
Evidence from Scripture of the passing away of the present dispensation – Chapter 5.5
Divine Mercy in the Church and towards Israel.
Notes on the Revelation: 1 2.
The Purpose of God.


Volume 5 – Prophetic 2

Seven Lectures on the Prophetical Addresses to the Seven Churches: 1 2 3 4.
Notes on the Apocalypse gleaned at lectures in Geneva, 1842: 1 2 3 4.
Substance of a lecture on Prophecy.
Studies on the Book of Daniel: 1 2 3.
Remarks on a Part of Daniel.
Enquiry as to the Antichrist of Prophecy.
Signs of Antichrist.
Questions of Interest as to Prophecy.
Outline of the Revelation.
Remarks on the Seven Churches.
The Principles displayed in the Ways of God, compared with His Ultimate Dealings.



Volume 8 – Prophetic 3

An Examination of the statements made in the “Thoughts on the Apocalypse”: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.
Answer to a “Letter to the Brethren and Sisters who meet for communion in Ebrington Street.”
Answer to a “Second Letter to the Brethren and Sisters who meet for communion in Ebrington Street.”
A brief notice of a tract entitled “Remarks on the Seventh Chapter of Daniel.”



Volume 11 – Prophetic 4

Lectures on the Second Coming of Christ: 1 2 3 4 5 6.

Remarks on three tracts entitled “Signs of the Coming of the Lord: for whom are they given?”

A few brief remarks on “A Letter on Revelation 12.”

Elements of Prophecy, in connection with the Church, the Jews, and the Gentiles.

Brief Analysis of the Book of Daniel.

Short but serious Examination of the Fundamental Principles issued by Mr. Gaussen in his book entitled “Daniel the Prophet.”

What Saints will be in the Tribulation?

The Rapture of the Saints and the Character of the Jewish Remnant: Chapters 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4

Are there Two Half Weeks in the Apocalypse?

The Blessing of the Tribes by Jacob .

The Coming of the Lord and the Translation of the Church.

Brief thoughts on the Apocalypse.

Brief Remarks on the Work of Rev. David Brown, D.D., entitled. “Christ’s Second Coming: is it Pre-Millennial?”


Volume 3 – Doctrinal 1

Volume 7 – Doctrinal 2

Volume 10 – Doctrinal 3

Volume 15 – Doctrinal 4

Volume 18 – Doctrinal 5

Volume 22 – Doctrinal 6

Volume 23 – Doctrinal 7

Volume 29 – Doctrinal 8

Volume 31 – Doctrinal 9


Volume 1 – Ecclesiastical 1

Volume 4 – Ecclesiastical 2

Volume 14 – Ecclesiastical 3

Volume 20 – Ecclesiastical 4


Volume 6 – Apologetic 1

Volume 9 – Apologetic 2


Volume 12 – Evangelical 1

Volume 21 – Evangelical 2


Volume 13 – Critical 1


Volume 16 – Practical 1

Volume 17 – Practical 2


Volume 19 – Expository 1

Volume 30 – Expository 2

Volume 24 – Expository 3

Volume 25 – Expository 4

Volume 26 – Expository 5

Volume 27 – Expository 6

Volume 28 – Expository 7


Volume 32 – Miscellaneous 1

Volume 33 – Miscellaneous 2

Volume 34 – Miscellaneous 3


Dates of J N Darby’s Collected Writings (BGT)

Notes and Comments on Scripture

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

Volume 7 (Notes & Jottings)



Letters of J N Darby

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Supplement from French Volume 1 (BGT)

Supplement from French Volume 2 (BGT)


Synopsis of the Books of the Bible

Volume 1 Genesis to 2 Chronicles

Volume 2 Ezra to Malachi

Volume 3 Matthew to John

Volume 4 Acts to Philippians

Volume 5 Colossians to Revelation



Spiritual Songs

Additional Writings of J.N. Darby Volume 1 (BTP)

Additional Writings of J.N. Darby Volume 2 (BTP)

Bible Notes From the 1871 Edition of the New Testament (BTP)


Numerous booklets, most of which are out of print, many being assembled into the Additional Volumes (BTP) or accessible on-line at

Not by J N Darby

Here are a few books valued by those who enjoy the ministry of John Nelson Darby.  It is by no means exhaustive.


The Scroll of Time – John Ashton Savage – KBT

A Concordance to the Holy Scriptures  (Darby Translation) – C.J.H.Davidson

Writings on Prophecy – W. Kelly (BTP)

The Lord’s Coming – C H Mackintosh (Chapter Two)

Daniel’s 70 Weeks and the Revival of the Roman Empire – R A Huebner, PTP/Chapter Two

Future Events – R A Huebner, PTP/Chapter Two

Things which must surely Come to Pass – A J Pollock (BTP)

John Nelson Darby, a Biography – Max S. Weremchuk- Loizeaux Brothers (out of print)

J N Darby’s Teaching Regarding Dispensations, Ages, Administrations and the two Parenthesis  – R A Huebner, PTP/Chapter Two

Outline of Revelation – C A Coates (KBT)

Outline of the Minor Prophets C A Coates (KBT)





Publishers Referenced Above

For full address and contact information and catalogues, please refer to the publisher’s websites.



Kingston Bible Trust, Lancing, Sussex




Most KBT books are also available from

Bibles, etc., Wheaton, Illinois




Bible Truth Publishers
Addison, IL




Present Truth Publishers PTP), Jackson NJ




Most BTP and PTP Publications Available in UK from Chapter Two, London SE18




Bible and Gospel Trust Chessington, Surrey


6.4 Acknowledgements


Many dear Christian friends, male and female, young and old have given me valuable advice.  I cannot list them all.  Certain persons are worthy of special mention.


First must be Jim Hibbert of Calgary, Alberta, Canada ( whose understanding of prophecy from many years of study, as well as spiritual understanding is far above mine.  Jim has answered many of my questions and provided valuable input.


Others have served in reading the draft scripts, correcting and suggesting changes.  These include, among others


Edwin Mutton,  Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, England

Ken Hollands, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England

Peter Mutton, Frinton on Sea, Essex, England

Crawford Gribben, Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Nick Fleet, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England

Andrew Burr, West Norwood, London, England

Also, my dear wife, Ruth, for giving the book its ‘readability check’.

Bill Chellberg’s (Wheaton, Illinois, – advice on standards, logistics etc, as well as suggesting corrections and being a good moral support.


Two brothers have websites which I have found invaluable, both presenting ministry and the scriptures.  Rob McClean, Grimsby, England has Ministry Search Engine –, and

Les Hodgett, Ramsgate, England for Stem Publishing –  .  In the digital version of this book, hyperlinks are generally to Ministry Search Engine where the Darby and King James versions of the Bible are in parallel.


Finally, thanks to Jason Wain (Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England – for the design of a striking cover




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