About ADOSS – In the Last Days Perilous Times shall Come

Zech 4:10

Who hath despised the day of small things

Paul says that in 2 Tim 3:1 and we are told from whom to turn away.  We are in perilous (or difficult) days now. Days of small things.

This site draws on the words of a few of the Lord’s servants, John Nelson Darby (JND) in particular, mostly in simplified and summary form, to provide encouragement and instruction for believers who are concerned to ‘walk in the light’ – and above all following, and keeping close to Jesus.

By Sosthenes – who just wanted to be ‘a brother’ – For more see ‘Introduction

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Summaries of Classics for the Church, etc. 

Keeping the Faith in a Ruined Church

Summaries by Sosthenes

Darby – The Faith once delivered to the Saints
Darby  – The Nature and Unity of the Church of Christ
Darby  – Separation from Evil, God’s Principle of Unity 
Darby  – Grace, the Power of Unity and of Gathering
Darby  – On Ecclesiastical Independency 
Darby  – Churches and the Church 
Darby  – The Nature and Unity of the Church of Christ
Darby  – The Notion of a Clergyman, Dispensationally the Sin against the Holy Ghost
Coates – Local Responsibility
Coates – What would happen if Somebody from Thyatira left that Company and tried to Break Bread in Philadelphia
Coates – Brethren do not Divide
Darby – When and how should I leave a Company?
Darby – The Spirit in which we should be when the Church is Forced to Exercise Discipline
Darby – Establishing, or Planting Churches

The Present Hope of the Church

Summaries by Sosthenes

The Present Hope of the Church
The Church and its Glory
The Second Coming of Christ
The First Resurrection – or The Resurrection of the Just
The Judgment of Evil
Ecclesiastical Apostasy and Civil Apostasy
The Judgment of the Nations
God’s Promises to Israel
What God in His Goodness will yet do for Israel – and what it Means for Us
The Remnant of Israel
The Importance of Prophecy

 Fundamental Christian Truths

Summaries by Sosthenes

The Melchisedec Priesthood of Christ
The Righteousness of God
What does it Mean to be ‘Born Again’
Why I could not be a Baptist. – Believers’ Baptism – Infant Baptism – Household Baptism – the House and the Assembly
French: Pourquoi je ne Pourrais être Baptiste. – Baptême des Croyants – Baptême des Enfants – Baptême des Familles – la Maison et l’Assemblée
The Purpose of God
The Purpose of God – The Church and the Jews – the Respective Centres of the Heavenly Glory and of the Earthly Glory in Christ
How do I find Peace?
Christ’s Sufferings from Men and from God, in His Spirit, and in Anticipation – The Sufferings of Christ
The Resurrection
How to Know the Will of the Father
The First Man and the Second
Freedom from Guilt and Freedom from Sin
The Power, Hopes, Calling, Present Position, and Occupation of the Church
The True Grace of God wherein we stand.

The Irrationalism of Infidelity

Summaries by Sosthenes

Summary – Particular Objections
Why Do Men Die?
The Unrealistic Lifespans of the Patriarchs
The Flood
Deborah praises Jael’s Atrocities
Abraham’s Sacrifice of Isaac
Two Accounts of the Creation
The Slaughter of the Infants
The Sentence on the Serpent: Serpent Worship
The Fall of Man and its Effect
Noah’s Ark
Objections Dependent on “Science”

Miscellaneous Items & Summaries

Note – Where an item is shown J N Darby, it will probably have been summarised by Sosthenes

About adayofsmallthings.com
A Letter to those who might know me
Walking in the Light of the Assembly – by Sosthenes
JN Darby – A true Churchman
JN Darby and the so-called Plymouth Brethren
The Bethesda Circular – JN Darby
How to Know the Will of the Father – J N Darby
The Story of a Young Lady Intent on Entering a Mixed Marriage 
Nearness to Christ and Its Effect (Humility) – J N Darby
A Glossary of Prophetic Terms
The Importance of Prophecy
Darby – Clericalism, a Cautionary Tale
Have the Brethren got Something Special?
Christian Devotedness
What is the World, and What is its End? A serious question for those who are of it.
I am not a Member of any Company – F E Raven
Oh, Jesus! Jesus! – J N Darby
Worshipping God – J N Darby
Luke 15 – J N Darby
Darby on the Effects of Democracy in Britain – How Prophetic he was!
Rouse yourselves Christians – J N Darby
Our walk here – J N Darby
Christ Lifted Up – J N Darby
New Birth – John 3 – J N Darby
After the Rapture, the Jewish Remnant – Particularly from Isaiah – J N Darby
After the Rapture, the Jewish Remnant – Particularly from the Psalms – J N Darby
After the Rapture, the Jewish Remnant – Particularly from the New Testament – J N Darby
Whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service

If God be for us, who can be against us? Rom 8:31-39



 Outlines etc. to the Bible

A Brief Outline of the Books of the Bible

Darby on Romans – An Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans

 Hymns and Poems

J N Darby Father, Thy sovereign Love has sought Captives to Sin, gone far from Thee

Author Title
 J N Darby  The Man of Sorrows
 J N Darby  A Holy Father’s Constant Care
 J N Darby  RISE, my soul, thy God directs thee
 J N Darby  All through this desert dry My path His footsteps trace
 J N Darby  Dans ce Désert aride, et sans Chemin tracé,
 J N Darby  Hark! Ten Thousand Voices Crying
Irene Cowell  The darkest hour, Lord Jesus
G H S Price  O the wonder of the moment – God outshining in His Son!
J N Darby O bright and blessed scenes
J B Stoney HARK! happy saints! Yon heaven is our home
J N Darby And is it so, I shall be like Thy Son
J N Darby Father, in Thine Eternal Power
J N Darby  Blest Father, infinite in grace
J N Darby Father, Thy sovereign Love has sought Captives to Sin, gone far from Thee
J N Darby O Lord, Thy Glory we Behold
J N Darby We’ll Praise Thee, Glorious Lord, Who Died to set us Free
J N Darby I’m Waiting for Thee, Lord
J N Darby  This world is a wilderness wide
J N Darby Lord Jesus! source of every grace
Hannah Burlingham ‘Tis not far off-the Hour, When Christ will claim His own
J N Darby What powerful, mighty Voice, so near, Calls me from Earth apart
J N Darby Blest Lord, Thou spakest! ’twas Thy voice
J N Darby Lord! let us wait for Thee alone
A.P. Cecil Trembling Soul – Behold Thy Saviour
J N Darby It is not with Uncertain Step, We tread our desert way
J N Darby Rest of the saints above, Jerusalem of God
J N Darby There is rest for the weary soul
 J N Darby To live of Thee – Blest Source of Deepest Joy!
 J N Darby  Soon we taste the endless Sweetness
 J N Darby  I’m waiting for the glory
Josiah Condor  Thou art the Everlasting Word
 J N Darby  Oh! bright and blessed scenes
Heyman Wreford Christ is the Saviour of sinners
 J N Darby
 J N Darby
 J N Darby
 J N Darby

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