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Who was Darby? And Why YOU should know more about  John Nelson Darby’s ministry 

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The day of small things

John Nelson Darby (1800-82), otherwise known as J N Darby or simply JND had a major influence on evangelical Christendom in the nineteenth century.  God used him to bring back Evangelical Christians of all persuasions to the truth as presented by Paul and the other Apostles. He has been know as the father of dispensational theology.

BUT Darby’s work is not easy – so in this site there are hundreds of easy-to-read summaries of his work to encourage and help lovers of our Lord Jesus who seek to ‘walk in the light’ waiting for His call to rapture His saints .

What made John Nelson Darby’s Teaching on the Church and its Hope so Special?

J N Darby
John Nelson Darby (1800-1882)
John Nelson Darby

Mr Darby looked at the sects, the human organisation, and the quenching of the Holy Spirit throughout Christendom, and concluded that the public church was in ruins. 

Specifically, he brought Christians back to appreciate the Lord’s immediate coming to rapture His saints (See 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18), the church as Christ’s heavenly bride, the public ruin of Christendom, the way out of the ruin for true believers and the position of Israel.  JND perceived the truth of Christ as the Head in heaven, with His body here, the church heavenly in origin and destiny, perfectly united in the sight of God, and its hope of being with  Him at the imminent (pre-millennial) rapture. Pre-tribulation (pre-trib) Christians know him as ‘the father of dispensational theology’. As his epitaph says ‘Unknown, yet well known’

He saw the way in which the public Christian Church had degenerated with worldliness, human tolerance of evil and sectarian fragmentation, overriding the Lord’s words, ‘That they may be one’, (John 17:21)and His command to love one another‘ (John 13:34). Church unity cannot be achieved by human compromise and confederacy. Reforming and rebuilding are futile. Christians must look to the Lord Himself, giving Him His place, by the Holy Spirit, going forth to him without the camp, and being not of the world (John 17:14).

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John Nelson Darby

JND and others on the Church, its Perfection, its Ruin and Assembly Experience

The The Faith once delivered to the Saints
The Nature and Unity of the Church of Christ
Separation from Evil, God’s Principle of Unity
Grace, the Power of Unity and of Gathering
On Ecclesiastical Independency

Churches and the Church
The Notion of a Clergyman, Dispensationally the Sin against the Holy Ghost

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Many will be aware of JND’s famous papers in ‘The Faith once delivered to the Saints’. Here are my summaries – for the full list click here

JND and others on the Hope of the Church and other Prophecy

Eleven Lectures on The Hopes of the Church of God

The Present Hope of the Church 
The Christian’s Assurance as to Prophecy
What the Father has done in Grace for the Church’s Glory 
The Second Coming of Christ
 The Rapture
 The Judgment of Evil 
Ecclesiastical Apostasy and Civil Apostasy 
The Judgment of the Nations – 
God’s Promises to Israel 
What God in His Goodness will yet do for Israel, and what it Means for Us 
The Remnant of Israel
The Importance of Prophecy Summing Up, and Conclusion

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JND and others on Christian Experience

How to Know the Will of the Father 
Rouse yourselves Christians 
The True Grace of God wherein we stand
Divine Guidance
The Story of a Young Lady Intent on Entering a Mixed Marriage 

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JND’ ministry on our Knowledge of God

God is One
The Melchisedec Priesthood of Christ 
Christ’s Sufferings from Men and from God, in His Spirit, and in Anticipation 
The Sufferings of Christ

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JND’s ministry on Christendom & Church History

Why I could not be a Baptist. – Believers’ Baptism, Infant Baptism, Household Baptism – the House and the Assembly
The Supper and Roman Catholic Mass
The Open Division of 1848 – The Bethesda Circular
What did John Nelson Darby and the Brethren hold? – A letter to the Editor of ‘Le Français’

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JND and others on error exposed – including The Irrationalism of Infidelity

The Notion that Christ was made Sin at His birth
The Error as to Christ’s Righteousness
Christ’s Coming into Manhood – Some Errors Exposed
The Irrationalism of Infidelity 

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J N Darby on Miscellaneous Subjects

The Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread in the Old Testament – in the Wilderness, under Josiah and Hezekiah 
The Passover in the New Testament – ‘Christ our Passover’ 

Israel’s Experience in the Red Sea
Red Sea and Jordan
The Red Sea and Prophecy
The Red Sea and Wilderness and God’s Purpose

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Hymns and Poems by John Nelson Darby and Others

The Man of Sorrows
RISE, my soul, thy God directs thee
All through this desert dry My path His footsteps trace
Hark! Ten Thousand Voices Crying
Father, Thy sovereign Love has sought Captives to Sin, gone far from Thee
This world is a wilderness wide

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